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Refund Policy

At MST Financials, we understand your eagerness to track the status of your tax refund online. To facilitate this, we have provided web links where you can conveniently check the refund status for both your Federal and related State returns.

Please note the following details for a smooth refund status check:


The refund status is accessible online for the current tax year (Tax Year 2023) after the acknowledgement of your E-file tax return.

If you have filed a paper tax return, kindly allow a period of 4 weeks before checking the status online.

E-file Tax Return:

For E-filed tax returns, the refund status becomes available shortly after the acknowledgment of your submission. Visit the provided web links to check your Federal and State refund status effortlessly.

Paper Tax Return:

If you opted for a paper tax return filing, we recommend waiting for approximately 4 weeks before attempting to check the status online. The processing time may vary, and this period allows for the necessary processing time.

Amended Tax Return (Form 1040X):

For amended tax returns, specifically Form 1040X, the refund processing time is extended to 12 weeks. We advise checking the status of your Amended Tax Return only after 10 weeks from the date of submission.

To check your refund status, please follow the provided web links on our platform. It’s a convenient way to stay updated on the progress of your tax refund.

If you encounter any issues, have questions, or need further assistance, feel free to contact our customer support at support@mstfinancials.com. We’re here to ensure your tax-related inquiries are addressed promptly and accurately.